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RIG – Bilinnredning för snickaren Volkswagen ID Buzz 900 x 900

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  • Save time and money by reducing the need for a trailer.
  • Increase safety during transport with integrated load securing.
  • Improve workflow and productivity with easy access to tools and materials.


  • Unique design with room for discs and longer materials at the bottom of the car.
  • Robust construction with galvanized steel for long service life.
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort and reduced risk of strain injuries.

The first car interior solution in Sweden specially made for carpenters, considering their unique needs.




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RIG Car interior – Tailored for the carpenter
RIG is a car interior that is specially designed with the carpenter’s needs in working life in mind. This car interior is specially adapted for each individual car.

Fits these cars:
Volkswagen ID Buzz

Main advantages of RIG:

With drawers and storage space accessible from the outside, the RIG provides easy access to all your tools and materials, so you can work more efficiently and stay organized on the go.

Innovative plate storage:
The unique design includes space for plates at the bottom of the car, making it easy to transport large and long items. This is a game-changer for carpenters working on larger projects.

Robust and durable:
Made of high-quality materials, the RIG is designed to withstand daily use and harsh conditions. Galvanized steel that is rust-proof ensures long life and reliability.

Ergonomic design:
We have thought about your comfort and health, and have therefore designed the RIG with an ergonomic design. This ensures that tools and materials can be lifted at an advantageous height, reducing the risk of back problems and other strain injuries.

Flexibility and customization:
RIG’s modular design gives you the freedom to adapt the storage space to your individual needs. Whether you need more room for battery powered accessories or extra room for fasteners, the RIG can be customized to meet your requirements.

Safety on the road:
With extra dividers and barriers, RIG makes sure everything stays in place during transport. This provides increased safety and security on the road.

Increased Productivity:
By eliminating the need to crawl into the cargo area, the RIG gives you quick and easy access to everything you need, resulting in faster workflow and increased productivity during the workday.

RIG is constantly evolving, based on feedback from our users. This ensures that we are always up to date and ready to meet the changing needs of the carpenter.

Download Product Sheet RIG

Overall length: 1800 mm
Overall width: 1226 mm
Height from car cargo floor to platform floor: 344 mm
Height from car cargo floor to floor box: 573 mm
Height from car cargo floor to top separator: 982 mm

Maximum internal platform height (space for slabs): 220 mm
Maximum internal platform width (space for slabs): 1221 mm

Length of box (including handles): 1250 mm
Width of box: 600 mm
Height of box: 229 mm
Maximum internal length of box: 1200 mm
Maximum internal width of box: 534 mm
Maximum internal height of box: 165 mm

Weight (platforms+2 drawers+separator): 156 kg

WEIGHT (evenly distributed)
Boxes: 60 kg
Platform: 400 kg
Inner platform: 400 kg

ATTENTION! Cargo hatches must be open when installing the RIG if they are to be usable after installation.


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